Q. Will they work with flip flops/sandals?

A. Yes, there is a tab on every pair that can be punched or cut out to fit onto your flip flop. Even after your insole is cut out you can use it in your regular shoe.


Q. What is inside?

A. Glycerin, a non-toxic gel like substance used in a lot of commercial foods and baking.


Q. Can I wash them?

A. Yes, they are machine washable, but you have to let them air dry only.


Q. Can I play sports in them?

A. Yes, sports are fine. Once you are comfortable with your new insoles, they can be a part of any physical activity that you like.


Q. How long do they last?

A. They last most people 2-3 years but they come with a 2 year unconditional warranty, if they break with in two years, just return the old ones with proof of purchase and we will gladly replace them  for you.


Q. Can I wear them over orthotics?

A. Yes. A properly fitted orthotic is meant to provide structural support to your existing bone structure ensuring that your foot is in the ideal position. Massaging insoles can go right over top of your orthotic to provide a dynamic support that helps to strengthen muscle tissue and provide great circulation that will help the foot to remain healthy. 


Q. Do they work in high heels and flip flops?

A. Yes, they provide great comfort and because they are so thin they will fit most heels and even flip flops without problems.