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Affiliate Programs

Over the years, we have received a lot of feedback from customers who experienced great success using our products and consequently promote us to their friends and family. This has led to many referal program and reseller inquiries over the years. We are listening to our customers and are proud to introduce a couple options.

Friends and Family Program

With this program you receive a unique link to track your referal sales. We issue you a store credit valued at 10% of the pre-tax sale amount of Massaging Insoles purchased using your link. Send the link out to your social media network, email, etc. All current corporate promotions apply to your link as well. This program is valued at $25 per year, however for a limited time you can participate for free. Just add the Friends and Family pragram to your cart and go through a checkout. We will follow up and send you your own personalized link to share and begin collecting store credits.

Vendor Program

Our Vendor Program is designed for people who are interested in earning income selling our products at a corporate level. The program includes a demo sales kit, marketing materials, training and oppertunities to work local retail shows. Apply now for our Vendor Program.


Friends and Family Affiliate Program

We will supply you with a unique link that will track your sales. You can use this link to promote our products on your social media outlets like facebook and instagram. Every pair of Massaging Insoles that sell using that link, you will receive 10% of the pre tax purchase order as a credit for product purchases.
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